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Storm Update - May 24, Part 2

As of 2:00 pm today some more news:

What to do with food waste?

Staff have confirmed that the Halls Glen Transfer Station is open today until 4pm and for the balance of the week with extended hours. We will be accepting food waste in clear bags at no charge and residents can drop off brush and small limbs.

Where can brush go?

In addition to taking brush and small limbs to the Transfer Station, we will be getting another bin at the Public Works garage. As well, we are working with the County to see how we might manage larger trees.

Where can construction debris go?

Any building materials such as shingles, siding etc. should be taken to Waste Connections or the Bensfort Road site.

Need to charge your phone?

We have opened the Town Hall in Warsaw during regular business hours for anyone who needs to come in to charge their cell phones and laptops.

What about Township Parks & Rec?

Currently both the North and South Parks are accessible. Trails are still inaccessible and staff are still assessing damage.

Our Library and Community Centres are without hydro and will be closed until further notice.

How do I reach the Township?

I've received a lot of calls today from people who cannot get through to the Township Office and I apologize for the inconvenience. The phone system at the Office is not working but email is up and running. You can contact many staff through the Township website depending on the Department you are trying to contact.

How are cleanup efforts progressing?

Public Works are continuing to clear roadways and Fire crews are identifying all the hydro poles that are down to help Hydro One coordinate efforts. Anecdotally, I have heard reports of other pockets of the Township getting their hydro back and seeing many hydro crews out on Township roads. This is exciting! Please stay out of their way so they can do their work and if you have an opportunity to show your appreciation to any of the crews by offering some water or a friendly "Thank You" please do so :)