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Proposed Septic Re-Inspection Program for Douro-Dummer

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Douro-Dummer held a public meeting on their proposed Septic System Re-Inspection Program on Thursday, November 21st in the Council Chambers. There were roughly 40 people in attendance at the meeting and as it was a Public Meeting, comments were invited from those in attendance.

Additional information is available about septic reinspection programs on a previous blog post.

Our Chief Building Official and Building Inspector were both on hand to present and answer questions. The full presentation is available here: Septic-System-Re-inspections-Presentation

The Township’s proposed plan is to inspect all systems within a 10 year period with the cost for each property being $150 over 10 years. A ‘simple’ questionnaire will be sent to everyone in mid-March and must be completed by mid-May. The Township will follow up if it is not submitted, and only systems over 10 years old will be inspected.

If your system has a problem and additional inspections required, the cost increases to $300. Those in attendance generally thought the proposed program sounded very positive and the plan is to work progressively through 10 areas starting on Katchewanooka in 2020, upstream of the Lakefield water intakes. Then Clear Lake, area 2 in 2021, Stony Lake area 3 in 2022, etc. until the entire Township is inspected over the 10 year period.

Council has not yet approved the program. Earlier this year, we did approve the hiring of a Building Inspector in anticipation of carrying out these inspections. There will be a report coming to Council on December 3rd, 2019 outlining the best method for collecting the inspection fees. Alternatives being considered are on a pay per inspection basis or absorbed through the entire tax base (on your municipal taxes.

Questions regarding the program can be directed to our Chief Building Official, Brian Fawcett by email or phone 705-652-8392 x 208

As your Councillor, I am interested in hearing your feedback on this program.