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Douro Dummer Council Meeting - June 21

Council is holding a regular meeting on June 21, 2022 which will be our last meeting before we take a break in July. Unless a Special meeting is called, our next Council meeting will be on August 2.

As is always the case, the meeting begins at 5:00 pm and is being held on Zoom. People can watch live or view the recording on YouTube. You can view the entire agenda on the  Township's website. Here are a few highlights:

Snow Removal for 2022-2023

Historically, Douro Dummer Township has contracted out snow removal for our facilities' parking areas. This has allowed staff to focus on clearing roads during snow events and has been relatively cost effective. However with changing in our staff complements and concerns about rising costs, staff have completed a cost analysis and are requesting that we bring those services in house. With it comes a request to purchase a truck that can be used for snow clearing and support the recreation department in the summer. They are also requesting that some changes to staffing to allow for this.

Part of the report also includes a prior request from Council for staff to consider plowing boulevards in Warsaw and outside of Lakefield (by Lakefield College School). As we do not have proper equipment, staff are advising that we do not take this on.

Short Term Rentals in Douro Dummer


Accommodation sign with sky backgroundSTRs have been a concern for some time and last summer a group made a delegation to Council requesting that we look in to the matter. After a community survey, public meeting and several delegations on STRs staff have compiled the data and are suggesting that we work on our Nuisance By-Laws so they are more enforceable and further that a working group be created to consider other options for regulation.

It seems that the laws are trying to catch up with the explosion of the gig economy and how to handle the commercialization of neighbourhoods. Based on staff research, a number of municipalities have attempted to put some controls in place but they have been met with legal opposition. 

Strengthening our nuisance bylaws such as noise and parking will not fix the issues but it will help us get the message to property owners that they should be more discerning when renting out their properties. It gives us time to see how the courts are handling these situations and will allow us to be better equipped to put something in place that has more enforceability and does not risk being challenged by the courts.

Update to Site Plan Control ByLaw

This is in response to Provincial Bill 109 - More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022 where we now must delegate site plan control to staff. While it's just a housekeeping matter for our Council, it does represent a significant change in how we will be moving forward with Planning applications. As such, staff will be working on preparing a guide to further help applicants navigate the process.

Lame Duck Council

Rubber ducky on light blue.

Based on announcements from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor that they are not running for re-election in the 2022 Municipal Election staff are bringing forward notice that as of August 19th it is likely we will be a Lame Duck Council. There are clear rules around what Council's can and can't do during a Lame Duck period but it mostly has to do with making significant monetary decisions or terminating staff. The report is simply to let us know and to confirm that we have the measures in place to address these limitations.


If you have any questions or comments about these items or anything else, don't hesitate to reach out.