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November 2, 2021 Douro Dummer Council Meeting

Once again there is a Douro Dummer Council Meeting, it’s scheduled for November 2. The agenda is available on the Township website but here is a summary of a few items that are up for discussion.

  • Public Meeting regarding a proposed Zoning By-law Amendment at Wildfire Golf Course. At these meetings the public can speak in favour or against the proposed application.
  • Staff update on Birchview Road – Council has received a number of delegations from residents along Birchview who are concerned about safety. Staff has identified some possible ways to remedy their concerns.
  • Draft Election Sign and Advertisement By-Law – With both the provincial and municipal elections approaching next year, staff have reviewed our current by-laws and are proposing some changes and updates. These updates combine the federal, provincial and municipal rules in an attempt to create a Township-wide By-Law that will address all election signs.
Election 44 Signs in Montreal that went Viral

Courtesy Twitter @OhmsB

  • Draft Proposed Procedural By-Law – Right now, staff are bringing the by-law forward and are asking for Council’s input for consideration at a future meeting. This update has been something I’ve been pushing for as it provides for greater transparency and access to government and streamlines our meetings.
  • Modernization Funding Update – In 2019 we received some funding from the province and had earmarked a number of items that would qualify for spending. Staff are outlining the status of those projects and the funding.

Meeting Information:

The meeting will be streamed on the Douro Dummer Township YouTube Channel starting at 5:00 p.m. The next Douro Dummer Council Meeting will occur on November 16, 2021.


As always, if you want to discuss any of these items or other items of concerns, please contact me. I welcome the opportunity to talk to residents and respond quickly to calls, texts and emails.