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June 7 Special Council Meeting

Council will be having a rare Friday meeting tomorrow starting at 3:30 p.m.

The agenda will be preceivably brief with the following items to be addressed:

  • Peterborough County OPP will be on hand to provide an update on Service Delivery
  • Stoney Lake Triathlon is requesting to use Birchview, Golf Course and McCracken’s Landing Road for their annual event
  • Staff are now suggesting that Daleview Road undergo proper engineering prior to the reconstruction project that was scheduled for this year.

Google Map of Daleview Road

The Daleview Road report is of particular importance to me. For roughly six months, I have been meeting with residents both individually and at two public meetings about the reconstruction project. There have been numerous concerns raised about how the road will be reconstructed. It’s a unique road that is relatively narrow and has a split, secondary road within it. In recent years, it’s been a common road that traffic uses as a short cut.

Although the project work did not initially consider having engineering done, since speaking with the residents and staff extensively it has now become evident that we should be relying on engineers to ensure that we address all the concerns raised. I am certain that this news will bring some relief to the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, it will delay the reconstruction but staff are optimistic that it can still be completed this year.