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June 15, 2021 Council Meeting

As we head into summer break there’s a big Council meeting coming up on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. The full agenda is available on the Township Website but here are a few highlights:

  • The Warsaw Boat Launch will be up for discussion again – this after the Warsaw United Church was sold privately and concerns were raised about whether or not we could provide ongoing access to the water from this location. Council voted 3-2 (Watson and Landsmann against) that they would NOT enter into an agreement with the new owners at this time. It is now coming back to Council after further questions have been addressed.
  • Ontario Turtle Trauma Centre Development – Once again is back before Council to enter into a pre-planning agreement as they work towards locating their facility in Donwood at a property on Television Road north of Parkhill.
  • Election 2022 Telephone and Online Voting – Staff are looking ahead to next years’ municipal election and are recommending that we once again use telephone and online voting instead of mailed in ballots.
  • Clancy Subdivision – A proposed 25-home subdivision in Donwood off County Road 4 will be discussed.
  • Water Monitoring Program – Council will evaluate two proponents who have submitted bids for a 5-year water monitoring program at our closed dump facilities.
  • Douro Community Centre Parking Lot Rental – With more events moving to open outdoor spaces due to Covid concerns, staff are suggesting an update to our Fees By-Law to include rental of both the Douro Community Centre and Warsaw Community Centre Parking Lots.
  • New Ice Resurface Machine for Douro Community Centre – Staff are recommending the purchase of an Olympia Ice Resurface Machine for the Douro Community Centre.
  • Douro South Park Drainage Tile – Council will decide whether or not to cancel the 2021 baseball season at Douro South Park to allow for new drainage tile to be installed.

The entire meeting will be streamed online on the Township’s YouTube Channel at 5:00 p.m. and the recording will be available if you can’t watch it live.

Any questions or concerns prior to our meeting so I can bring them forward to Council please don’t hesitate to Contact me.