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January 7 Council Meeting

Happy New Year! Council is set to have a busy year ahead with many initiatives on the horizon. Our first Council meeting is scheduled for January 7th and the full agenda is posted on the Township website. Highlights of the meeting are below. There will be a Special Council Meeting beginning at 4:00 p.m. in the Douro Dummer Council Chambers which will see Council discuss the Service Delivery Review which we will be undertaking in the first part of this year.

The Service Delivery Review has been a topic of coversation for the past year with staff looking to move forward with assessing the services that we provide in Douro Dummer Township. There was a general feeling that we wanted to wait until this year to move ahead which allowed us to get our Temporary CAO in place and address other matters first. There is some funding available through the Province that will allow us to undertake this extensive review. The review itself will look at all the services we provide and help us ensure that we are meeting the needs of the community in a cost effective manner. As well, we are looking to have a staff review which will help us assess what staff resources we have and what resources we will need to plan for in the future.

Our Regular Council meeting gets underway at 5:00 p.m. with a packed agenda.

  • Our Building Department has a number of reports coming forward including a presentation with a Notice of Intention to Change Building Permit Fees. Staff are proposing a standard CPI increase.
  • Building will also be bringing forward a request to begin working on a by-law for Tiny Dwellings (also known as Tiny Homes). It is anticipated that the Province will be changing the Building Code to alllow for the development of Tiny Dwellings and staff want to get ahead of the curve and look at how such a change will be implemented in Douro Dummer.
  • Finally, Building will be looking for support on putting a program in place that promtes and incentivizes sustainability in new construction. It’s a creative approach to reducing GHG emissions through the construction process and we would be one of the first to create such a program should it go forward.

Other reports that are coming forward include:

  • A recommendation to sell Daleview Park in Real Estate – I have met with a number of neighbours on this matter and I do not support selling off public green space. There are liability concerns with the property and we will be looking for some solution.
  • Eighth Line Road Allowance – Council initiated a process to notify neighbours about a possible change to a section of road allowance. Staff have received feedback and are recommending we move forward with an Environmental Impact Study.
  • Policy review
    • Closed Meeting Investigation
    • Workplace Substance Abuse
    • Hiring Policy

There are also a dozen or more correspondence items that may or may not require action from Council.

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