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April 21 Council Meeting (Virtual)

Council will be resuming our regular Council meeting schedule on April 21, 2020 after temporarily suspending our meetings due to COVID-19. The last Regular Council meeting was held on March 3, 2020 however Council did hold an Emergency Meeting on March 16, 2020 where we gathered in the Town Hall to declare a State of Emergency and to take care of other urgent matters. Another Special Council meeting was held on April 2, 2020 via teleconference where once again, Council addressed some time sensitive matters.

Douro Dummer Council

Heather Watson, Shelagh Landsmann, Tom Watt, Karl Moher and J. Murray Jones take the Declaration of Office (Photo Credit: Lakefield Herald)

It’s time for Council to get back to regular business including resuming our budget process. As such, we are holding Regular Council meeting via video conference and it will be streamed on YouTube for the public.

On the Agenda:

As we are fully resuming our regular Council meeting schedule, the next meeting of Council will be May 5, 2020.

To watch our Council meeting live, follow this link to the Township’s YouTube page

The full agenda is available through the Township’s website here.