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We Did It!

Friends, I’m excited to say that I have been elected as your Douro Ward Councillor.

I am honoured to serve you in this coming Council term. Thank you for voting for me and placing your trust in me.

Since launching my campaign five months ago, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet so many people throughout the community. I’ve visited your homes, neighbourhoods and parks and I have heard your concerns.

There are diverse needs and issues in Douro Dummer but at the heart of it, we want value for our tax dollars and we want to progress as a community, while respecting the traditions that we hold so dear.

My job as your Douro Ward Councillor won’t be easy but I am committed to working hard to represent the citizens. You entrusted me to do the best job for the community, and I won’t forget that. I will continue to listen to you and ensure that the decisions I make are reflective of what you want.

Over the next month, I will be working to get up to speed on specific files so that when I am sworn in on December 1st I will be able to hit the ground running. I am excited to start executing on the promises I made.

There is a mighty group of people who helped me with my campaign. I want to thank my husband Dan and son Briar who were by my side the entire way. As well I want to thank David Goyette, Barb Jinkerson, Viren D’souza, Jordan Mercier and Betsy McGregor who provided mentorship, advice and friendship throughout the many weeks. Thank you also to my canvassing team, Linda, Jill, Jennifer, Liv, Duston, Kirsten, Courtney, Victoria and Shirley. We travelled many roads together and you were always there with a smile.

There were many other people along the way, with words of wisdom and support while canvassing, by phone and by email. Thank you all for your encouragement and for your vote.

My work has just begun! I look forward to serving as your Douro Ward Councillor.

Sincerest Thanks,