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Councillor Communication

We live in a time when transparent decision making is an expectation. Reaching wide audiences is easy and affordable through online resources. One of my priorities announced during my campaign launch has been ensuring there is clear and open communication with the residents of Douro Dummer Township.

Currently Council meetings typically start at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday evenings, sometimes even earlier if there are budget deliberations. We all know that getting to a meeting at 5:00 p.m. is next to impossible for many people in our area. The current procedural by-law prohibits the use of any recording devices in the Council Chambers. When elected, I promise to raise a motion to review the procedural by-law to allow recording devices in the Chambers. Further, I will work to record, if not stream, all open meetings happening in the Chambers. The technology to do this is widely available and affordable. The impact however will enable residents to see how the decisions are being made by their elected officials.

I’m active on social media

As well, I am committed to being responsive to my constituents’ needs. Throughout the campaign my cell number has been widely published. I invited residents to phone or text me with their concerns and I will respond to them. As well, I will maintain a blog for residents to access, at no additional cost to residents, where they can get updated news and information as it relates to the community. Many of you will already know, I am accessible via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I will continue to manage and maintain these communication channels, providing news and information with no additional cost to taxpayers. Being a Councillor is more than having a perfect attendance record at Council meetings… it’s about showing up, and being accessible to constituents. I’m committed to this.

Finally, as I’ve been canvassing it has been surprising to hear from residents that nobody has been asking them what their concerns are. My arrival at their doorstep is the first they’ve heard from any Councillor in years. It’s time this changed. When I’m elected I will hold Town Hall style meetings, open to the public, to hear concerns and issues that matter to them.

As residents of the Township, you deserve to have access to your Councillor. You deserve to be heard. As well, you have a right to see what your elected officials are doing, the decisions they are making and how they are representing you. I will listen, I will share.

Please vote for me as your Douro Ward Councillor. For information on how to vote please visit this link.